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CXone Expert Features

How can you take full advantage of what Expert has to offer?

The CXone Expert platform includes everything you need to capture and publish knowledge for successful content experiences. Each Expert site includes capabilities to administer, author, publish, and optimize knowledge content. Different types of users can access different aspects of capabilities and content hosted in your CXone Expert site.

CXone Expert capabilities include:

  • Content Management: Create with WYSIWYG authoring, manage, and publish content
  • System Administration: Control site settings, permissions, and integrations
  • Branding and Design: Customize the look globally and for particular sections or user types
  • Analytics: Optimize content with contributor and user behavior reports

Create content in CXone Expert

Use CXone Expert authoring features to create the valuable content that customers need.

Information Architecture

The CXone Expert proprietary content framework, called Guided Content Framework, enables you to structure and optimize content for findability and scalability. This architecture makes sure agents and customers can find content in their channels of choice (Google, chatbots, IoT devices) and via search or navigation.

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New Pages

Leverage CXone Expert permissions for extra control to show or hide new page templates for particular users or groups.


The CXone Expert Editor is a familiar WYSIWYG interface that is intuitive for contributors across your organization.

Out-of-the-box settings include:

Remove link functionality from autogenerated hyperlinks on email addresses or typed out URLs

Editor configuration options include: 

  • Modify the Editor Configuration
  • Add Custom Styles
  • Create Content Templates to access custom snippets directly from the Editor
  • Dynamic content setup
    • Table of contents - change appearance and display or hide
    • Set up Global Variables - a dynamic variable that you can use in CXone Expert content
    • Create Custom Templates to standardize or dynamically update content that appears on other pages
    • Leverage DekiScript, a CXone Expert proprietary programming language, to create custom objects
    • Reuse content - use existing content, either an entire article or sections of an article, in another location of your site

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Revision Features

Page Settings and Titles

  • Manage page thumbnail and summary - high level overview of content pages and sections that displays on navigation pages and in CXone Expert search results
  • Add Tags
  • Manage page titles and URLs
    • Alter the page URL to be different from page title to control page order or shorten URL for long page titles
    • Avoid special characters in URLs

Manage content in CXone Expert

Use Content Management features to organize and maintain your content.

Page Management

  • Move content - copy a page, move a page, delete a page, restore deleted pages
  • Link Manager - identify all links used in your CXone Expert content and find broken links that need attention
  • Create Content IDs - manage external links without changing the source URL
  • Create and manage Page Classifications
  • Manage article permissions and privacy - control content visibility and editorial rights by section or page
  • Guided Paths - organize a group of pages into a custom order with sequential navigation to embed as a hyperlink, collapsed or expanded widget, or display in Guide tabs

Learn More about Guided Paths in CXone Expert >>


Improve content

Gain insight into your site engagement with Contribution Reports. Keep your content and site health as good as can be with Site Reports. Configure your CXone Expert site to sync with Google Analytics.

Learn More about CXone Expert Analytics

Site Configuration and Branding

Site Administration

The CXone Expert Control Panel and Dashboard contain everything you need for site administration.

Extend CXone Expert capabilities with integrations

Reduce customer effort by being where they are in a moment of need. Identify other entry points of your customer journey and make content accessible there.

Extend Expert with Integrations


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