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Applies to:
MindTouch (current)
Role required:
Draft Contributor
Tag CXone Expert pages individually or in batches.

Why you should tag your pages

  • Tagging your pages is crucial for recommending articles on your site.
  • Being able to provide recommended articles elevates you as the authority on your own content, allows you to show off the breadth of your product documentation and allows users to engage with content that is truly relevant to their current tasks and interests.
  • By tagging articles appropriately, you provide the foundation for CXone Expert to pinpoint recommended articles more precisely. And the better the recommendations, the more time your users will spend on your site. And remember: the more time your users spend on your site, the more they will develop into brand experts and the more your web search ranking will improve.

Tag wisely

  • Terms that may be used to search for a particular article—but do not appear in that article—are excellent candidates for tags.
  • The more tags you apply to a page, the less weight each tag carries. For best performance, keep the number of tags applied to a page at five or below.
  • It is generally not necessary to tag a page with relevant terms that appear repeatedly in the page title, summary, or body.  If key terms appear only once or twice in an article, and that article is not being recommended as expected, adding those terms as tags may help boost the likelihood of that article being recommended or returned as a search result.

Do not use colons within tags. Tags containing colons (such as product:name) will interfere with proper site structure. 

Tag individual pages

  1. Navigate to the page you want to tag.
  2. Expand the Page Settings panel above your page title.
  3. Enter the name of the tag you want to attach to the page. You may also choose from the list of suggested tags.
  4. Hit Enter.
  5. Add any additional tags by repeating steps 3 and 4.

Tag multiple pages

Use the page classification manager to manage tags for multiple pages.


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