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CXone Expert UI overview

CXone Expert UI overview
All standard capabilities are accessed through the same web-based user interface (UI). Some UI elements appear on every page and some elements only appear on certain page types.

UI variations

Multiple factors can influence what is visible:

  • Screen resolution - CXone Expert is a responsive platform that automatically adapts to a variety of devices and screen sizes. Various page elements such as labels and layout will appear different as screen resolution scales up or down.
  • Permissions - User permissions impact the visibility of many site elements. For example, Pro Members can see more elements than Community Members, who see more than anonymous users.
  • Customizations - Custom site branding and different feature deployments can alter or limit what appears in the UI.
  • Global UI exceptions - There are a few exceptions where the default UI appears quite different, such as the Control Panel and XML Sitemap.


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