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Branding Guidelines

Applies to:
All MindTouch Versions
Role required:

Branding in CXone Expert is for professionals with experience in user interface, software, or web design. Some branding changes such as changing logos and favicons are easier for beginners, but we recommend you make backups before any changes. If branding changes cause any issues with your site or code, CXone Expert is not obligated to fix it for free outside of Branding Support agreements or Service Level Agreements that explicitly deem CXone Expert, Inc. responsible.

Contractual obligations

CXone Expert may be contractually obligated to provide Turn-Key Branding and Branding Support (Premium, Enterprise, and Scale only). Any amendments or additional work for branding or design will be listed on a CXone Expert-Customer Order Form or Service Level Agreement.

Turn-Key branding

Turn-Key Branding is a one-time branding and styling setup on a client site by the Success/Services department. This setup is defined as: "setup their logo, implement their color and add some iconography for the category/guides". The number of category/guide icons included is based on license type:

  • Scale: 0 category/guide icons
  • Standard & Emerging Enterprise: 1 category/guide icons
  • Premium: 3 category/guide icons
  • Enterprise: 6 category/guide icons

Branding support

CXone Expert Branding Support involves technical assistance of how to brand a site, provide reviews, and provide recommendations by the Support department. Branding Support excludes writing any code for the customer, but does include:

  • Syntax reviews
  • Various QA reviews upon request
  • Recommendations for conditional branding for certain browsers, pages, hierarchies, user type, etc.
  • Technical assistance on where to add code and what languages are accepted where
  • And potentially more

We may accommodate other requests because we want to see you launch and stay successful, but anything beyond the items above is a courtesy and may incur additional costs. For more information on what support plan you have, contact your CXon Expert Account Manager.

How to brand

If you are a professional resource responsible for branding a customer site or your individual company's site, please view all three of the following links. The following will encapsulate all you will need to know to be successful. If you have additional questions, we are always here to help.

If you are not a professional, please do not tempt yourself with the following. It will seem easy, but if you do not know what you are doing, there are a lot of ways you can mess up your site. May it be through overwriting things, creating unnecessary heaps of technical debt or greatly inefficient code, not making backups accordingly, breaking pre-existing code, or any number of other problems, our Support and Success/Services teams are not here to do anything but what is covered in the section 'Branding Support' above; aka, we are not responsible for writing custom code for you or teaching you CSS (as well as any other programming language).

  • Logos and icons - To change site logos, apple touch icon, favicon, or social share logo.
  • Add CSS - For design changes (manipulating HTML elements that currently exist) including changing colors, sizes, borders, font-families, or anything else similar.
  • Add HTML - To alter HTML or add new elements to style in the Header, Footer, Sidetray, Content sections, or on any particular page.

Do not forget your privacy policy

No matter where in the world your site users are, you are probably required by law to link to your privacy policy from specific -or all- pages on your site. Although it is your organization's responsibility to ensure your site adheres to all applicable regulations regarding privacy policy disclosure, we recommend you include a link to your privacy policy in your site's footer, so it is easily accessible from every page on your site. 


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