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Content IDs for dynamic external links

Applies to:
All MindTouch Versions
Role required:
Use Content IDs to manage external links without changing the source URL.

Associate content IDs to URLs of your Expert pages and dynamically update links via content IDs whenever you want to change link destinations in your Expert site. Content ID Manager allows you to update the links with one change instead of finding and updating each link manually (if you even have access to those locations).

Expert sites are limited to 1,000 content IDs per site.

Expert example

Question mark icons Question-Mark-Icon.png appear in your Expert site. These help links all contain content IDs along with contextual help. We use contextual help to allow our users to view information without having to leave their sites or systems. By using content IDs, we are able to manage and change the help links with Content ID Manager without having to change the product code at all.


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