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Editor Comments

Editor comments are only visible in Edit Mode and are not indexed by the search engines.
  • On individual pages, use Comments for feedback or reminders during content reviews.
  • In New Page Templates, use Comments to add instructions or reminders to authors.


Insert Comment

  1. Open a page in Edit mode.
  2. From the Editor toolbar, select Style > Comment.
    MindTouch Editor Comment
  3. Save the page.

Editor Comments automatically include username and timestamp metadata.

Use Comments

  • View a page in Edit Mode to see Editor Comments.
  • Use in combination with Page Subscriptions - new comments will appear in notification emails.
  • Click the X in the top right corner of a comment to delete it.

Comments in New Page Templates

You can delete the default metadata when using Comments in New Page Templates.


Remove comment metadata

  1. After you insert or modify a comment, toggle to </>HTML source view.
  2. Find the comment and delete the following HTML:
    <div class="mt-comment-meta">
    <div class="mt-comment-author">[username]</div>
    <time class="mt-comment-datetime" datetime="[timestamp]">[timestamp]</time></div>

  3. Save the page without modifying the comment in Visual mode.


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