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November 2018 Releases

Releases: 2018-11-01, 2018-11-08, 2018-11-15

Release 2018-11-01


Linking to Files
Fixed an issue where links with "file://" prefixes would cause the hyperlink to not work

Author Information in Search API
Fixed an issue where the author username would appear in certain search queries through the API for unauthenticated requests

Editor in Safari and Microsoft Edge
Fixed an issue where the editor would not load for Safari and Microsoft Edge browsers

Release 2018-11-08


Conditional Content
Fixed an issue where wrapping headers in conditional content would cause extraneous content to be included during the following authoring functions:

  • Content Reuse: This resolved an issue with extraneous content being included when reusing sections that had conditional content
  • Section Editing: Conditional content is now included when editing the section above it
  • Section Editing: Headings within conditional content cannot be edited individually and can be modified by editing the section above

Classification Guide Tabs
Fixed an issue where renaming the Classification Tab label would reset the classification selected

Anchor Links
Fixed an issue where editing an anchor link multiple times would remove the hash parameters (for example: #page=2)

Link Picker for Attachments
Fixed an issue where creating a link to an attachment and modifying the Link To location would result in incorrect display text

Known Issues

Section Editing
There is a known issue where Editor Comments in a page cause Section Editing to include the rest of the page below the comment in Edit mode

Success Center Tip of the Week

Section Editing is an option to edit a particular section of a page. A Classification Guide Tab is one of the five options when using tabbed Guide Listing Display

Release 2018-11-15


Moving Pages
Fixed an issue where editing the page title in the Move Page dialog, while moving a page with a decoupled title, would not update the title.


Release Notes have a new location and consolidated organization. The Success Center Top Level Navigation no longer has a direct link to Release Notes, but there is a link in the Success Center footer and multiple links on the Success Center homepage. Going forward, the latest release details will be posted on the main Release Notes page, with previous release details organized by month. Send any feedback about the new format to

Release 2018-11-29


Link Hover Text
Fixed an issue where hovering over links on a page in Edit Mode would show encoded URLs.

Expert Toolbar Search Field
Fixed an issue where the search field within the Expert Toolbar added a URL parameter "search" that duplicated the URL parameter "q".

Template Page Settings in MT4
Fixed an issue for Expert Legacy version MT4 where pages within the template hierarchy would not display Page Settings.

Community Scoring Report
Fixed a typo in the chart tooltip from "Quality" to "Quantity".

Link Dialog
Fixed an issue where the Link Dialog would use the wrong encoding for forward slashes used in the Page Title.


User Page Permissions
New user pages will have Semi-Private page permissions and only the relevant user and site Admins will have edit permissions. To modify page permissions for User Pages created before this release, contact the Support Team.

JSON Syntax Highlighter
The Syntax Highlighter <pre> format now includes a JSON option.


Paste From Word
The Paste From Word option from the Edit menu in the Editor is no longer available. Modern browsers have embedded functionality to allow Word content to be inserted through standard paste functions.

Winter '18 Product Launch

The Winter '18 Product Launch includes four features that are now available upon request for the latest version of Expert. The Expert logo in the Product Info section of the Control Panel will show Winter '18 if applicable to your Expert version.

Contact your Customer Success Manager to request or discuss these features.

Embedded Contextual Help
A new option if you have an available Touchpoint license, Embedded Contextual Help extends an entire Expert page into a third-party website or application for embedded access without a pop-up needed to view the content.

Multiple Identity Provider Sign-In
If enabled, Multiple Identity Provider Sign-In allows multiple login links on one page for users to authenticate into an Expert site.

Top Level Navigation
​​​If enabled, Top Level Navigation appears above the Expert Toolbar to show the top level Categories or Guides on your site. Configuration options include: 

  • Appear on only home page or appear on all content pages
  • Display only the top level of site hierarchy or display the top level + immediate child Guides

Downloadable Reports
​​​​If enabled, Downloadable Reports give site Admins access to raw data from in-product reports.





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