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October 2018 Releases

Releases: 2018-10-04, 2018-10-11, 2018-10-18, 2018-10-25

Release 2018-10-04


There were no defect fixes this week.

Feature Enhancements

Article Classification Class Identifiers
You can now target page classifications and tags for custom page styling. Use article classification class identifiers to brand pages or apply any CSS based on custom classifications and tags.

Success Center Tip of the Week

Catch broken links within your Expert content or audit links to external resources with the Expert Link Manager.

Release 2018-10-11


Content IDs Sign In
Fixed an issue where a message appeared requiring a user to sign in to follow a Content ID even though that user was signed in.

Release 2018-10-18


Special Login URL Redirect
Fixed an issue where users clicking on a link to Special:UserLogin that contains a redirected URL, while already logged in, are redirected to the URL instead of the home page.

Site Expiration Banner
Fixed an issue where the site expiration banner was showing for all Pro Members and not just Admins.

Expert Version Display
Fixed an issue in the Product Info section of the Control Panel where the current and previous versions of Expert appeared to be the same version.

Link Dialog Attachments
Fixed an issue in the link dialog where a page that has attachments and no sub-pages was appearing as if it had sub-pages.

Content Reuse
Fixed an issue where the current page could be used when selecting a page to reuse content from.

Updated Chinese Translations
Fixed three areas of the product that were translated incorrectly in Simplified Chinese.

Feature Enhancements

Browser API Tokens
We have added the ability for cross-origin JavaScript integrations to access public file attachment API data.

Success Center Tip of the Week

Have you noticed a horizontal red line that briefly appears while you are editing a page with certain elements? When you see it, click the arrow on the right side to add a blank line (empty <p> tag) and add more content to the page. Learn more about the red line functionality.


Release 2018-10-25


Page Cache Status Message
Fixed an issue where a status message about clearing the page cache was showing after saving the page.


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