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KCS Practice 5: Content Health

Applies to:
All MindTouch Versions
Role required:
Techniques for KCS® Practice 5 maximize the opportunity of each interaction to realize the full value of collected knowledge.

KCS Practice 5 Techniques

KCS article structure and content standards, evolve loop articles, archiving, legacy data, prime the knowledge base with new information, global support, knowledge domain analysis, and self-service measures.

Technique 5.1: KCS Article Structure

The structure for KCS articles must be well-defined and simple. Evolve based on experience, allow for consistent metadata, and enable clear navigation and content organization.

Technique 5.2: KCS Article State

KCS articles use three article states to determine lifecycle and manage who can publish or see the article - confidence,  audience (formerly called visibility), and governance.

Technique 5.3: Developing a Content Standard

Create and share guidelines for knowledge workers to follow for consistent and quality content.

Technique 5.4: Creating Evolve Loop Articles

Evaluate reuse patters to create additional content such as resolution paths and find knowledge gaps. Ensure findability through both search and browse methods. Identify opportunities for operational or product improvement.

Technique 5.5: Archiving Old Articles

Improve findability through relevant search results.

Technique 5.6: Dealing With Legacy Data

Only migrate content that has value.

Technique 5.7: Priming the Knowledge Base With New Information

Create demand-driven content.

Technique 5.8: Global Support Considerations

Operate in global, multi-lingual environments.

Technique 5.9: Knowledge Domain Analysis

Measure and encourage self-service use.

Technique 5.10: Content Health Indicators

Article Quality Index (AQI), Asses article value.

Technique 5.11: Self-Service Success

Ensure findability, completeness, access, navigation, and marketing for your self-service experience.

Technique 5.12: Self-Service Measures

Report with ticketing data.

KCS Practice 5- Content Health.png

Expert Capabilities for KCS Practice 5

Capture Manager and Capture Manager for Service Cloud use customizable page templates to capture content. Knowledge Workers can author, edit, or flag articles real-time during customer interactions. Classifications and tags are stored on each page as structured metadata. KCS articles published in your Expert site follow Guided Content Framework to promote user-friendly navigation and organization. Use the Capture Manager Report to find reuse data to analyze for improvements or archiving.

Other features include:

  • On-page controls for article confidence, visibility, and governance that automatically connect to group and page permissions.
  • Customization options such as labels and Editor Comments with reminders of field definitions.
  • Expert Paths to organize content for troubleshooting or micro-learning scenarios.
  • Default navigation features automatically lead users to linked content based on hierarchy organization.
  • Localization and translation capabilities

From the Consortium for Service InnovationRead more about Practice 5 in the KCS v6 Practices Guide.
KCS® is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation™.


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