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April 2020 Releases

April Updates

Release 2020-04-02


Expert for Salesforce

Fixed an issue where editing some pages with embedded videos returned an error in Expert for Salesforce

Page Editor

Fixed an issue where pages with unlinked titles showed the incorrect link icon

Social Share Buttons

Fixed an issue where the Facebook social share button returned an error when clicked

Release 2020-04-09



Fixed an issue where filtering by location with a title that contains a comma would not return search results


Release 2020-04-16


Capture Manager

Fixed an issue where KCS candidates could not create a new article if an article of the same title had been archived

Contextual Help

Fixed an issue where Contextual Help Overlay links to private pages were not disabled

Release 2020-04-23


Expert for Salesforce

Fixed an issue where Editor Lite in Expert for Salesforce had a limited height in Safari 

Release 2020-04-30

This release is complete. The Release was deployed to all Expert sites as of 11:17 AM Pacific.


Intelligent Search

Localized Intelligent Search user interface for anonymous and community members in supported languages



Fixed an issue with nested lists reordering if the parent item is deleted

Broken Link Alert

Fixed an issue where broken links with commas in the URL were not displaying broken link alerts

Expert for Salesforce

Fixed an issue where pages with paths including percent (%) symbols could not be edited in Editor Lite



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