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March 2020 Releases

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Intelligent Search (announced 2020-02-20, expected to release 2020-03-02 - 2020-03-06)
Expert is updating the search experience with an improved Intelligent Search. The current version of Expert will receive an updated search algorithm and user interface. Previous version of Expert (MT4) and search integrations will receive the updated algorithm without any user interface changes. Intelligent Search is optimized using natural language processing techniques to surface the most relevant articles to the top of the results, regardless of misspellings or partial words.

Custom Classifications and a new Attachment toggle will be more visible in the updated search user interface.

See Filter Configuration Options for instructions to hide Custom Classifications or the Attachments toggle. Contact the Expert Support Team for further questions or assistance.

Intelligent Search Screenshot

Release 2020-03-05


There were no fixes this week.

Release 2020-03-12


Expert for Salesforce
Fixed an issue where deselecting Display navigation buttons would not hide the navigation buttons in the Expert for Salesforce View tab.


Release 2020-03-19


Intelligent Search
Updated search to improve the relevancy of results. Learn more about how to optimize your content for search.


There were no fixes this week.

Release 2020-03-26


Link Editor

Fixed an issue where changing external links to internal links by using the browse or search functionality would not update the link.





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