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May 2020 Releases

May Updates

Release 2020-05-07


Intelligent Search

Fixed an issue where a UI element was not localized

Fixed an issue where search results would not filter attachments in Internet Explorer


Fixed an issue where page subscriptions would time out if there were too many subscriptions

Expert for Salesforce

Fixed an issue where editing some pages with embedded videos returned an error in Expert for Salesforce

Fixed an issue where the editor was not full height in Internet Explorer

Fixed an issue with not being able to insert templates in Internet Explorer or Safari

Release 2020-05-14


Content Reuse

We have updated the functionality of content reuse to conditional content blocks on other pages so that community members and anonymous users without permissions to see that content will no longer see a link to that page. 

Release 2020-05-21

There are no product changes in the release this week

Release 2020-05-28

This release is complete. The Release was deployed to all Expert sites as of 12:08 PM Pacific.



Fixed an issue where exporting PDFs of pages using content reuse would not include titles

Table of Contents

Fixed an issue where Table of Content links to headings in content reuse content would not scroll properly


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