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June 2020 Releases

June Updates

Release 2020-06-04


Analytics Connector

The Touchpoints management dashboard includes the new Analytics Connector. The Analytics Connector is a utility for enhancing the agent experience in the Customer Insights Touchpoint, Expert for Salesforce, and Expert for Zendesk. When an agent views a support ticket in a CRM or support ticketing system, the connector enables Customer Insights to automatically display the page view and search activity of the customer who submitted the ticket, without the agent manually typing the customer's name or email.

The Analytics Connector is an advanced integration. Expert recommends contacting the Expert Support or Professional Services teams for guidance when implementing this solution.


There were no fixes this week.

Release 2020-06-11


Fixed an issue where some users status' could not be updated

Release 2020-06-18



Fixed an issue with feedback sending the wrong opt-in response.  Please contact Expert Support for more information.

Release 2020-06-25

This release is complete. The Release was deployed to all Expert sites as of 12:40 PM  Pacific.


HTTPS Strict Transport Security

Expert supports HTTPS Strict Transport Security (HSTS), a web security standard to ensure that secure HTTPS connections to Expert sites are not subject to protocol downgrade attacks. In accordance with industry best practices, the Expert implementation of HSTS will now include subdomains of the Expert site domain, requiring that they are only accessed through secure HTTPS connections.



Fixed an issue where the order of pages in a Path would sometimes be out of order

Page Title

Fixed an issue where including a carriage return character in the page title would create a broken link



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