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Customize New Page Templates

Customize the templates that appear in the Add New Page dialog.

Expert comes with standard New Page Templates, but you can customize the templates that appear in the Add new page dialog in several ways:

  • Modify standard New Page Templates
  • Create additional New Page Templates
  • Copy and modify existing New Page Templates

Templates can only be created and edited by Admins, Authors, and Editors.

Changes to a New Page Template will not apply to any of your preexisting pages. If there are portions of a page you know will require updating in the future, consider using Custom Templates

Modify standard New Page Templates

To modify standard New Page Templates, navigate to Site Tools > Dashboard > Site Administration > Template Directory > Pages > Category or Guide or How-To or Reference or Topic.

Create additional New Page Templates

Aside from the standard page templates, you can also add page templates to your site. These are useful if you use specific document types often and want to standardize your content's formatting or behavior across the same page type.

New Page Templates that you create will appear as options in the Add New Page dialog, and they can be customized or hidden as needed.

  1. Navigate to Site Tools > Dashboard Site Administration > Template Directory.
  2. From the toolbar, select New.
  3. Enter a name for the template, add template content such as formatted headers, text, author instructions, etc. and Save.
  4. Under Page settings, choose a Page type so that it maps to the Guided Content Framework.
  5. Navigate again to Site Administration > Template directory and locate the new template
  6. Next to the new template, click the pencil icon to open the Update template properties dialog. 
  7. Under Type, select the New Page radio button. Modify the title or add a description as needed.
  8. Click Update template properties.

Content added within the Editor area of a New Page Template will appear in the new page. Content added to the Page Summary of the New Page Template within the Template Directory will not populate the Page Summary of the new page.  

 If you receive an error message when trying to use a custom template, check that you have set a Page type for the template and that the page type set complies with Guided Content Framework (if enabled on your site).

Copy and modify existing New Page Templates

  1. Navigate to Site tools > Dashboard > Site Administration Template Directory.
  2. Locate the template you want to copy and click the name to view it.
  3. From the toolbar, select Options > Copy.
  4. Modify the Page title for your new template, and select Copy page.
  5. From the toolbar, select Edit.
  6. Modify the template content as needed and Save.

The new template will automatically match the template type and Page type of the template you copied. To edit the template properties, navigate to Dashboard Content management > Template directory and click the pencil icon next to the new template.

View and use templates

To see all templates, navigate to Site tools > Dashboard > Site Administration > Template Directory. New Page Templates are labeled New Page in the Type column.

To use a template, create a new page and you will see template options according to Guided Content Framework.



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