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Template Directory Admin Guidelines

Applies to:
All MindTouch Versions
Role required:
Expert leverages out-of-box templates to enable many site functions and you can create custom templates.

Access Template Directory

From the toolbar, navigate to Site Tools > Dashboard > Site Administration > Template Directory

Pro Members with role of Author, Editor, or Admin can create and edit templates. Only Admin role can edit template properties.

Any changes to templates under /Template:Expert  except for /Template:Expert/IDF3/Pages or /IDF2/Pages/ or /IDF/Pages/ are not supported and may break site functionality.

Template Directory Enhancement (Release 2019-10-24)
To make the Template Directory easier to use, we provided user friendly display titles to templates under Template:Custom and restricted access to internal templates under /Template:Expert hierarchy, except: /IDF3/Pages/, /IDF2/Pages/, /IDF/Pages/.

The templates that are longer be accessible are already managed by Expert and overwritten during weekly releases. Contact the Support Team with any questions regarding this change.

Template:Custom/Views/AuthenticationProviders renamed to Multiple Identity Provider Sign-In Page
Template:Custom/Views/BlankArticle renamed to Live Placeholder
Template:Custom/Views/BlankArticle/Community renamed to Community Member Live Placeholder
Template:Custom/Views/BlankArticle/ProMember renamed to Pro Member Live Placeholder
Template:Custom/Views/ContentFooter renamed to Page Content Footer
Template:Custom/Views/ContentHeader renamed to Page Content Header
Template:Custom/Views/ContentSide renamed to Page Content Side
Template:Custom/Views/Footer renamed to Site Footer
Template:Custom/Views/Header renamed to Site Header
Template:Custom/Views/Login renamed to Sign-In Page
Template:Custom/Views/PageNotFound renamed to 404 Page Not Found
Template:Custom/Views/PDFPageFooter renamed to PDF Page Footer
Template:Custom/Views/PDFPageHeader renamed to PDF Page Header
Template:Custom/Views/PDFTocFooter renamed to PDF Table of Contents Footer
Template:Custom/Views/PDFTocHeader renamed to PDF Table of Contents Header
Template:Custom/Views/Welcome renamed to Welcome Page
Template:Custom/Views/Welcome/Community renamed to Community Member Welcome Page
Template:Custom/Views/Welcome/ProMember renamed to Pro Member Welcome Page

Out-of-box custom template list

Templates under template:Custom/Views are intended to customize your site.

How to use or reference out-of-box templates

Optional parameters and use cases for individual templates may vary from one template to another.

Templates may be referenced in other templates, for example: template('Expert/IDF3/Views/Guide').

To reference a template, include the exact template name within the template() call wrapped in double quotes in a Dekiscript field. The referenced template name can be formatted as template:Custom/template_URL or Custom/template_URL.

Avoid direct references to out-of-box templates to prevent over-written changes from breaking custom functionality. The best way to reference out-of-box templates for use in other templates is to copy the desired template into the Custom hierarchy of the Template Directory and reference the copy instead of the original out-of-box version.

Support is not responsible for customizing or debugging custom templates, even if copied from an out-of-box template.

Template management tips

  • For ease of template management, create a blank template (for example, Template:<Your Company Name>) under which to create your template groups and templates.
  • To create new templates with similar elements or template type, select an existing similar template and make a copy to modify instead of creating a new template.


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