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Measure KPIs for Your Objectives

Leverage analytics to provide the team a powerful purview of where your organization stands when driving towards successful outcomes.

Identify if you are meeting your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) using CXone Expert. Discover other reports relevant to your business KPIs that you may not be tracking today. After you define business outcomes and KPIs, use Expert Analytics and external data points to identify if you are finding success for your business outcomes.

Measure by Use Case

  • SEO - Get the most out of your self-service or eCommerce strategy with coverage on Google
  • Self-Service - Optimize content to make the most of a self-service strategy
  • Agent Enablement - Enable your contact center agents with the right expert knowledge at the right time
  • Internal - Create an informed and engaged employee

Leverage Expert Analytics

Expert Analytics delivers insight into the usage and efficiency of your content.


  • HelpRequests - the HelpRequest Usage Report shows how often your site content is used holistically (API Calls, native searches, etc.)
  • User Activity - Identify specific view and search activity by user to define behavioral patterns for specific personas you are trying to target 

Agent Enablement

  • Contributions - the Site Contribution Reports tracks activity related to Copy, Create, Edit, Delete, and Move that agents have contributed to your knowledge base
  • Comparisons - the User Comparison Report and Group Comparison Report track how different users or groups within your organization contribute to content to measure productivity
  • Identify User Activity by User - Merge the User Report with the Activity Report to gain Search and Pageview insights


Leverage External Data

Third-party data sources, such as Google Analytics, provide additional insight to your customer journey.



  • Navigation interactions
  • Sessions
  • Time on site
  • Call to action clicks

Agent Enablement

  • Reduction in operational costs
  • Reduction in case submissions
  • Efficiency gains in support via agent enablement


  • Onboarding Rate
  • eNPS/eSAT (Internal to your organization)
  • Employee Churn Rate

The Role of KPIs

Identifying and tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) is the foundation for understanding the value and success that your business delivers to your customers, agents, and employees.

Therefore, the KPIs that you identify as success standards make up an essential component of a CXone Expert partnership with your organization. These metrics should be agreed upon by everyone involved with the decision to use the platform. In our experience, the most successful companies using CXone Expert today understand what success means to the organization and measure the outcomes regularly.        

Your target audience will help define what types of KPIs you should be tracking. Contact your Customer Success Manager for questions or additional guidance.

How Will This Impact Customer Experience?

Supporting customers throughout their entire journey is an essential focus that your KPIs and business objectives should reflect. A strategic vision, when executed properly, should continuously elevate your customer experience.

7 Customer Journey KPIs You Should Care About

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