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Make your tables responsive

In Expert, newly created tables are automatically set to responsive. But if you have created tables in Expert before our implementation of the responsive table feature, you need to convert your existing tables into responsive tables to take advantage of displaying even large tables in a mobile-friendly view

The change to responsive tables

Before the responsive option was added to the table dialog, column widths were set inline with hard-coded pixels. This worked for skins that had a fixed width content container, but prevented a truly responsive table display on smaller screens. With the implementation of the responsive option, table column widths are set with class names that render width in percentages instead and columns can now be resized without disturbing the responsiveness of the table. This allows the table to have the right proportions in all screen sizes.

Make your tables responsive

  1. Right-click anywhere in the table.
  2. Select Table properties from the context menu.
  3. Check the Make table responsive checkbox if not yet checked.
  4. Click OK

Clean up tables copy/pasted from outside Expert

If you copy and paste a table from another program into Expert, it will likely also paste formatting styles that can conflict with responsive styling.

To resolve, highlight your table inside the Expert Editor and select the Clear Formatting Remove Format Button.png button from the Editor toolbar buttons.

Copying a table with table headers in Expert causes an issue where the copied table will be pasted with all rows as header rows. This is due to a third party package. Please work around the issue by copying the table in the source view of the editor


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