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September 2020 Releases

September Updates


Customer Experience Analytics (announced 2020-08-27, released 2020-09-15)

Expert has launched a collection of customer experience focused data visualizations and reports as part of a new suite of Customer Experience Analytics. These reports leverage the millions of signals that Expert collects throughout customer journeys, wherever Expert-hosted content is extended, unlocking what your customers are telling you when they engage with your product documentation and self-service support knowledge.

The current version of Expert received these new reports as well as updates to the site dashboard.


Path Completion Report

The Path Completion Report provides a greater understanding of how your customers interact with Expert Paths so that you can make data-driven decisions on which Paths and pages need to be improved as well as optimize content for the best learning and onboarding experiences.

Self-Service Report

Using the Self-Service Report, identify trends between sessions that interact with your support content and submit support tickets, measure the success and health of your self-service support tactics, and understand how content impacts your organization's self-service support strategy.

Page Views Report

With the Page Views Report, understand how customers interact with content so that your organization can make targeted improvements to content, internal processes, or products. The Page Views Report provides detailed data visualizations that explain which pages engage the largest audiences, what customers need help with the most, and what opportunities exist to optimize self-service.

Report Filtering, Downloading, and Scheduling

As with all Expert reports delivered on our next-generation analytics engine, the reports provided with Customer Experience Analytics can be filtered by page locations, user types, groups, date ranges, and other lenses to slice and observe data however you need it. Report data can be downloaded in PDF or CSV format, and even scheduled to be emailed at a regular cadence.

Contribution Reports Dashboard

The Site History Report moved to the Contribution Reports section of the site dashboard.

Customer Experience Reports Dashboard

The reports available as part of the Customer Experience Analytics suite are found in a new site dashboard section: Customer Experience ReportsJoining these reports are our existing Search Insights Report and Customer Insights Report (formerly User Activity Report). We cannot wait to introduce even more reports in the Customer Experience Analytics suite, and thanks to the wonderful insight and feedback from Expert customers, we've got lots more to show you as soon!

Release 2020-09-03

Today’s release included under the hood changes for product maintenance and preparation for upcoming features.

Release 2020-09-10



The Dashboard menu has been reorganized as part of the Customer Experience Analytics launch.


Search Results

Fixed an issue in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge where clicking "Show More Results" in search results would cause the page to scroll past the new results.

Release 2020-09-17



The Font and Size values will now be set to (Default) unless already set to another value in the editor.

Release 2020-09-24

This release is complete. The Release was deployed to all Expert sites as of 12:13 PM (PST).



Embedded Contextual Help Touchpoints can now be configured to load pages that link to a specific section of an article.


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