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Export and Download Options for Reports

Data shared via send or schedule functions will come from

Most reports available in Expert have an export or download option. There are two different ways to download data depending on which type of report you are using. If your report is not listed below, then it has an older download option.

Newer reports include more options to download, send, or schedule reports.

Access export options

Full report exports

  • At the top right of each report, click the the 3 dot menu () to access:
    Reports - Dashboard actions menu.png
    • Download as:
      • PDF
      • CSV
    • Schedule Delivery (email reports right away or on a schedule)

Report component exports

  • Within any individual report component, hover to show and click the 3 dots menu for Download Data options 

Export option details

Full report exports

  • Download as
    • PDF
      Report PDF download option.png
    • Download as CSVs
      Report CSV download option.png
  • Schedule delivery
    • Send now (email reports immediately)
      Schedule delivery - send now option.png
    • Schedule (email reports on a schedule)
      Recurence options for scheduling a time to send.png
      Send at a scheduled time.png
    • Advanced options for the scheduled delivery
      Advaced option for scheduled deliveries.png
  • The report filter options are available when scheduling a delivery.
  • The title can be updated when scheduling a delivery.
    Edit the title when scheduling a delivery.png

Report component exports

The different components in each report can be downloaded by hovering over the element and clicking the 3 dot menu (). Here are a few example of elements that can be download: 

  • Tile download option.png
  • Table download option.png

File format options: TXT, XLS, CSV, JSON, HTML, Markdown
File format options for download.png

Advanced data download options
advanced data download options.png


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