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Page redirects in CXone Expert

Applies to:
All MindTouch Versions
Role required:
When you move individual pages or sections, Expert automatically applies 302 (temporary) redirects from old to new URLs.

Automatic redirects

By default, renaming a page title will alter the page URL and create a redirect. Redirects happen automatically unless you manually add a redirect to a page.

Redirect rules

  • A redirect associates the original URL to a page ID, which points to the newest destination URL.
  • If a page URL changes one time, the original URL will point to the page ID, which redirects to the newest URL.
  • If a page URL changes multiple times, any of the previous URLs point to the page ID, which redirects to the newest URL.
  • A redirect cannot point to its own sub-pages. For example, page cannot redirect to
  • If you create a new page with a URL that was redirecting, the new page will load instead of the redirect destination.

Redirect warning message

You will receive a warning message ("One or more redirects will be deleted if you continue") if you attempt the following actions:

  • Rename a live page or draft the same as an existing redirect
  • Create a new live page or draft with the same name as an existing redirect
  • Move a page to an existing redirect
  • Copy a page or sub-pages to an existing redirect
  • Restore a page or a hierarchy to a location that has a redirect
  • Import an MTARC

redirect warning.png

If you see this warning while performing basic operations, we recommend you contact Support.


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