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Avoid broken redirects

Applies to:
All MindTouch Versions
Role required:
When you move or rename pages, Expert automatically redirects the old location to the new one. Some scenarios that cause broken links are avoidable.

Rename pages

Unless you manually disconnect a page title from the URL, renaming a page changes the URL and creates a redirect to the new URL. The redirect happens automatically and can impact content that links to the page and the page's children.

Example: Rename page A1 (with child a1) to A2

Original parent page Original parent URL Renamed parent page Redirected parent URL
A1  https://domain/location/A1 A2
(formerly A1)
(redirected from https://domain/location/A1)
Original child page Original child URL Child page title (unaffected) Redirected child URL (affected)
a1   https://domain/location/A1/a1 a1 https://domain/location/A2/a1
(redirected from https://domain/location/A1/a1)
  • The child page is redirected along with its parent. 
  • Any user visiting the original parent page URL https://domain/location/A1 is automatically redirected to https://domain/location/A2
  • Users visiting either https://domain/location/A1 or https://domain/location/A2 will see the original parent page.
  • Any user visiting the original child page URL https://domain/location/A1/a1 is automatically redirected to https://domain/location/A2/a1.
  • Users visiting either https://domain/location/A1/a1 or https://domain/location/A2/a1 will see the original child page.

Name a page with the original title of a renamed page

If you give a page the same title as a redirected page, you are essentially replacing the redirected page, and any redirect on that page is voided.

Example: Rename page A1 to a1 and Create a new page with the title A1

Redirected parent page Redirected parent URL Newly created page New page URL
(formerly A1)
(redirected from https://domain/location/A1)
(overwrites the original page at https://domain/location/A1 and its redirect)
Redirected child page Redirected child URL    
a1   https://domain/location/A2/a1
(redirected from https://domain/location/A1/a1)
  • The newly created page at https://domain/location/A1 overwrites the original page along with its redirect.
  • The redirect from the original parent page https://domain/location/A1 to https://domain/location/A2 is voided.
  • Any user visiting https://domain/location/A1 sees the newly created page.
  • Any user visiting https://domain/location/A2 sees the original parent page.
  • The original child page at URL https://domain/location/A1/a1 no longer exists, and users will encounter a 404 (page not found).
  • Any user visiting https://domain/location/A2/a1. sees the original child page.

Promote and rename a child to its former parent

You may move a page that has child pages and then later move the child page up in the hierarchy, renaming it to its former parent page.\\

Example: Move page A1 with child a1 to another location on your site

Original parent page Original parent URL Moved parent page Moved parent URL
A1  https://domain/location1/A1 A1 https://domain/location2/A1
(redirected from https://domain/location1/A1)
Original child page Original child URL Moved child page Moved child URL
a1   https://domain/location1/A1/a1 a1   https://domain/location2/A1/a1
(redirected from https://domain/location1/A1/a1)
  • The result is a broken redirect.
  • The parent page A1 and its child page a1 are moved (and thus redirected) to its new location.
  • The original parent page  https://domain/location1/A1 is redirected to https://domain/location2/A1. 
  • Users visiting either https://domain/location1/A1 or https://domain/location1/A2 will see the original parent page.
  • The original child page https://domain/location1/A1/a1 is redirected to https://domain/location2/A1/a1.
  • Users visiting either https://domain/location1/A1/a1 or https://domain/location2/A1/a1 will see the original child page.

Example: Move (promote) child a1 from location2 to its parent's original location1 and simultaneously rename it to the parent's original name A1

Moved parent page Moved parent URL Moved (promoted) and renamed child page New URL of moved (promoted) and renamed child page 
(see Action #1)
(redirected from https://domain/location1/A1)
(formerly a1 at
ormerly at https://domain/location2/A1/a1; overwrites the original parent page at https://domain/location1/A1 and its redirect)
Moved child page Moved child URL   Child page
(see Action #1) 
(redirected from https://domain/location1/A1/a1)
  • The result is a broken redirect.
  • The newly moved child page URL  https://domain/location2/A1/a1 is redirected to https://domain/location1/A1.
  • The newly moved child page at https://domain/location1/A1 overwrites the original parent page along with its redirect.
  • The redirect from the original parent page https://domain/location1/A1 to https://domain/location2/A1 is voided
  • Any user visiting https://domain/location1/A1 sees the newly moved child page. 
  • Any user visiting https://domain/location2/A1 sees the now no longer redirected parent page. 
  • The original child page at URL https://domain/location1/A1/a1 no longer exists, and users will encounter a 404 (page not found).


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