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Link scrolls on current page instead of going to linked page

Resolve unexpected scrolling for links pointing to content that is also being reused on the same page.


Clicking a link scrolls to another place on the page instead of going to another page.


  1. Open the page in Edit Mode.
  2. Select the </>HTML button or select View > Source from the Editor Toolbar.
  3. Find the html link and add the attribute rel="custom".
    Before without rel="custom":
    <a href="/page/url/example" title="Example">Hyperlink Text</a>

    After with rel="custom":
    <a href="/page/url/example" rel="custom" title="Example">Hyperlink Text</a>
  4. Save the page.


The link is pointing to a page that is also being used as Content Reuse on the same page. The link is supposed to hyperlink to the content, but instead converts to an anchor link and scrolls because the content is already on the page through Content Reuse.


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