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Authoring options for external users

Applies to:
MindTouch (current)
Role required:
Expert allows you to ensure site privacy while allowing contributions from external users by restricting access only specific pages or sections.

By restricting external contributors you will retain absolute control over your content changes. In Expert, only pro members can create or edit content, no matter how you ultimately draft or author content. To protect your content, community members can only view content, not author or edit it. 

Set up your external contributor workflow

  1. Add your external or internal users as Viewer (if they are allowed to view site content) or None (if you do not want them to see any other content except the one they are to edit or contribute to) in the control panel. At this point, they cannot make any changes whatsoever. 
  2. Create a group (or several groups) with Viewer or None permissions. Groups must be configured on the SAML IdP side if SAML is enabled, or groups will not persist.
  3. Add your external or internal users to that group.
  4. In the pages or sections you want the external or internal user group(s) to create or edit content, permission that group (via Options > Restrict access) as Author (if users are to work on live pages or drafts) or Draft Contributor (if users are to work on drafts only). 
  5. Have editors and contributors subscribe to pages so that they are notified of changes.
  6. Create new content as draft or live pages depending on your workflow.
  7. Encourage editors to use the draft manager (Site tools > Dashboard > Content Tools> Draft manager) to identify drafts across the site and publish as necessary.
  8. Optionally use custom classifications such as "Edit," "Review" or "Publish" to indicate a page's workflow status and manage pages via the page classification manager
  9. After content is approved and edited, push it live. 



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