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Embedding Enterprise and Federated Search Results

Expert provides exceptional search experiences with AI-driven analytics and NLP (Natural Language Processing) techniques, focusing on the customer experience.  Sometimes the best experience is an integration between Expert and complementary search technologies.


If best practices for Enterprise and Federated Search are followed, the search index that powers Expert Intelligent Search is available to be queried, alongside other knowledge data sources, from a centralized search user interface, such as Coveo, Attivio, or SearchUnify. As a self-service support or product knowledge experience, Expert is a natural fit to embed and host this search experience.

An Enterprise or Federated Search user interface can be deployed either alongside of, or as a replacement to Intelligent Search. The choice is dependent on your customer experience needs and strategy.

Deploying alongside of Intelligent Search

An Enterprise or Federated Search user interface can be included on any page location, such as /Search. Deploying the search experience in this manner provides the benefit of two different user interfaces, each solving for different use cases or different audiences. For example, one search interface can provide internal company documentation while the other provides customer support and product knowledge content.

Replacing Intelligent Search

By choosing to replace Intelligent Search, Expert's built-in search inputs, the Search TouchpointContextual Help Touchpoint, and Embedded Contextual Help Touchpoint will open the Enterprise or Federated Search experience. The Search-In-place Touchpoint will continue to provide the Intelligent Search experience.


Expert Professional Services can provide advisory and implementation services to embed your Enterprise or Federated Search user interface and is required to replace Intelligent Search.


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