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Translation Process

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All MindTouch Versions
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Site structure and content modifications on localized sites impact translation in CXone Expert

The import/export tool and our API provides the ability to export a site into a compressed archive that can then be imported into another site. The archive is structured to maintain a consistent hierarchy of articles between the source site and destination site.

Actions Performed

A content import job performs a series of actions such as article create, content update, and moves. All of these actions will show in site and page history as though the user who requested the import performed them.

Included in Export

Consistent Article Hierarchy

The export archive contains the content and location of articles on the source site and unique identifiers for each page that allow for a synchronization of article locations. If an article is moved on the source site, that move will propagate to any destination sites on future imports. URL locations must remain consistent between source and destination sites. If a move is performed on a destination site and not the source site, that move will be reverted on subsequent imports.

Each article imported is stored with a unique identifier that is used to track the article through moves, deletes, and content changes.

If you delete a page, it will remain deleted even after subsequent imports. If an article is deleted on the source site, the delete action will not automatically propagate to destination sites. The article must be deleted on each destination site manually.

Source Site

The source site provides the foundation for your other Expert instances. The source site is the site from which all your various language sites pull their core structure and root content.

  • Your source site structure (hierarchy) dictates the core structure of your localized site(s). Any changes to your source structure are carried over into in your localized site(s) upon import.
  • Your source site content should be generally the same across all international markets. Any changes to your source content are reflected on coinciding pages of your localized site(s) upon import.

Standard export explanation screenshot

Initial Translation and Subsequent Updates

Initially, your entire translated source site will be imported into your localized instance(s). Subsequent updates will require only partial exports and imports.

The partial export is bound by a beginning date and the date of the export. To minimize overlap and ensure that all necessary content is exported successfully, set the beginning date equal to the date of the prior translation export.

Maintaining Your Source Site

Keep your localized site(s) in mind as you update your source structure and content. Only include content meant to be available across all localized sites.

How Updates Affect Your Translated Sites

Scenario 1: Content Changes in Localized Site

Modifications to localized pages will be overwritten with future imports.

Content changes in a localized site

Scenario 2: Structure Changes in Source Site

Modifications to the source site structure (hierarchy) will overwrite the localized site structure with future imports.

Structure changes in a source site

Scenario 3: Structure Changes in Localized Site

Modifications to the localized site structure (hierarchy) will be overwritten with future imports.

Structure changes in localized site

Scenario 4: Deleted Pages From Localized Site

Pages deleted from the localized site will remain deleted with future imports.

Deleted pages from localized site

Scenario 5: Deleted Pages From Source Site

Pages deleted from the source site will not be deleted from the localized site with future imports.

Deleted pages from source site

Scenario 6: Added Pages in Localized Site

Pages manually added to the localized site will not be modified with future imports.

Added pages in localized site

Scenario 7: Added Pages in Localized Site and Moved Parent in Source Site

Pages manually added to the localized site will remain under their associated parent page with future imports, even if the parent page was moved in the source site.

Added pages in localized site and moved parent in source site


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