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Cookies and privacy

CXone Expert first-party cookies are leveraged by the Expert platform to deliver standard website functionality, personalized experiences, and elevated content creation and management capabilities to authenticated users. Expert cookies are never leveraged by third-party parties, such as advertisers, to track an individual's journey across non-Expert websites.

Personal data information

Personal data, per GDPR regulations, means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (a data subject). The principles of data protection do not apply to anonymous information or to personal data rendered anonymous in such a manner that the data subject is no longer identifiable. To determine whether a natural person is identifiable, account should be taken of all the means reasonably likely to be used, such as singling out, either by the data controller or by another person to identify the natural person directly or indirectly.


Necessary Cookies: These cookies are necessary to deliver the service. If these cookies are blocked or disabled, the product cannot deliver service. Necessary cookies never track PII for non-authenticated users. 

Performance Cookies: These cookies are used to measure usage statistics in order to deliver in-product reporting and insights capabilities, as well as provide usage data to improve products and services. Performance cookies never track PII for non-authenticated users. 

Functionality Cookies: These cookies enable the product to provide enhanced functionality and personalization. If these cookies are blocked or disabled, certain features and capabilities cannot be delivered by the service. Fuctionality cookies never track PII for non-authenticated users. 

Platform Cookies

The platform delivers server-side generated HTTP cookies that are set on the domain that provides CXone Expert service. These cookies are set with the following attributes:

  • HttpOnly
    • Cookies can only be read by the platform and cannot be shared with third-parties such as advertisers
  • Secure
    • Cookies are only sent over HTTPS, with a valid TLS/SSL Certificate
  • SameSite="None"
    • Cookies will be sent in all contexts, namely in responses to both first-party and cross-site requests (ex: Touchpoints)


Categorization: Necessary Cookies, Performance Cookies, Functionality Cookies

Data Stored: web browser user-agent

Personal Data Stored: none

Description: Identifier to perpetuate an anonymous user session. Facilitates proper reporting for sessions and search interactions. This action does not capture PII.

Expires: 6 months of inactivity


Categorization: Necessary Cookies, Functionality Cookies

Personal Data Stored will depend on the configuration used by the Identity and Access Management software but can include: personal name, email address, article feedback, optional personalization data (see description)

Description: Represents an authenticated user session, resulting from a successful sign-in experience. Required for signed in experience.

  • Article feedback refers to unstructured text, in an article feedback form, submitted by an authenticated user
  • Depending on the deployment of the site, the user profile associated with the user session may receive and store personally identifiable personalization data from a Single Sign-On identity provider or Customer Experience Platform, at the discretion of the site owner

Expires: 6.5 days (default, configurable by Expert Support Team)


Categorization: Necessary Cookies

Personal Data Stored: None

Description: Used to maintain user interface state between web page refreshes

Expires: Session

Partner cookies

Partner HTTP cookies are never necessary or required to deliver service.


Categorization: Performance Cookies

Personal Data Stored: See Google Analytics contracts and policies

Description: This is a cookie that is deployed on a case-by-case basis on customer sites. The cookie is associated with an Expert-controlled Google Analytics account, which is used to track anonymous user behavior on Expert sites, for product improvement purposes. This cookie can be enabled or disabled at any time upon customer request to their service representative.



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