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Access Your Site Over HTTPS

Applies to:
All MindTouch Versions
Role required:
HTTPS connections are required for Expert sites and integrations.

CXone Expert manages all TLS / SSL certificates and no longer requires that they be purchased. The support team will contact you if your current certificate is expiring, in order to upgrade your site to our managed certificate platform.

TLS/SSL considerations

  • All Expert sites require a TLS / SSL certificate. Expert will provide and manage your site's certificate. In the event that a certificate purchased and managed by your IT department is required, you may provide Expert with your custom certificate.
  • Custom domains: When configuring your Expert site with a custom domain like, the complimentary https://* domain will redirect to your custom domain.
  • Encryption: Expert requires that TLS / SSL certificates be SHA-256 compatible. If supplying your own certificate, please be sure it is generated with this cryptographic algorithm.
  • Server type: If certificate providers ask which type of web server the TLS / SSL needs to be generated for, choose an option for Apache.
  • HTTPS: To ensure all of your site traffic is secure, once your new domain is in place along with your certificate, all HTTP traffic is redirected to HTTPS. In addition, all Expert site responses contain a strict transport HTTP header ensuring that, for subsequent requests, web browsers skip the HTTP to HTTPS redirect and automatically use HTTPS for all connections to the site.

TLS/SSL certificate types

The most common TLS / SSL certificates cover a single domain, such as

Subject Alternate Name (SAN) TLS / SSL certificates can contain several domains, such as and SAN certificates are not the same as Wildcard TLS / SSL certificates. Wildcards cover all sub-domains, such as *


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