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Custom domain

Applies to:
All MindTouch Versions
Role required:
The CXone Expert platform is a hosted solution that can be configured to access through a custom domain that matches your other web properties.

CXone Expert requires the use of a subdomain rather than subdirectory. For example, if your company website is, your Expert custom domain could be or

To host a fully-qualified domain, prepend it with "www" (namely CXone Expert does not support configuring your Expert site with a root-level custom domain (for example


  • Ownership of the custom domain with access to the DNS settings.
    • An SSL certificate will be generated by Expert Support team.

Components of a CXone Expert domain

Domain Level Description
.com The top-level domain (TLD) Fully-qualified domain Subdomain Directory within a subdomain.
CXone Expert sites cannot be configured to start at the subdirectory level.

Host multiple domains

​You can connect multiple domains to resolve to your site using a main canonical domain. The canonical domain is the main domain to which your site will resolve. Any other domains pointed to your site will redirect to the canonical domain.

For example, if you (set as canonical) and,then when users navigate to they are redirected to

Configure your domain

For any domain changes to your Expert site:

  1. Contact CXone Expert Support to begin the configuration changes.
  2. You will need access to update your Domain Name System (DNS) settings for the domain and set the CNAME that will be provided by Support.

Do not use a forwarding option that is offered through domain hosts like GoDaddy. Forwarding options only mask the site as if the domain is resolving correctly, but will not allow your Expert site to properly resolve.

When does my custom domain become effective?

Depending on your DNS host settings, it can take up to 48 hours for DNS to fully propagate around the world and allow all users to visit your custom domain. For this reason, we recommend lowering your TTL value as low as your DNS provider will allow during the cutover. Often you may see your domain start resolving within an hour or two.  


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