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Google third-party cookie deprecation

Google will begin deprecating third-party cookies during Q1 of 2024. To address this, our proposed solution changes the security policy of Expert cookies. In doing so, cookies will not be treated as third-party cookies, and will instead be unaffected by Google's phaseout.

Potential affected areas

  • Touch-points
  • Browser tokens
  • Third party integrations that do not use a browser token (such as Pendo) 

Expert rollout plan

On December 11, 2023, the Expert Product team will begin deploying an update to conform to Google's third-party cookie deprecation requirement. We do not expect this to impact your experience. However, there is some risk if you have deployed third-party integrations. Any disruptions should be reported promptly to Expert Support. We expect to finish rolling out the update to all customers by Q2 2024.

Customers who have been selected for the rollout will be informed in advance by their CSM via email. Any customer-reported issues should be reported directly to Expert Support. 

Allow third-party cookies in browsers

Google will deprecate 1% of third-party cookies for Chrome starting Jan 1. A workaround while this process is completed is to allow third-party cookies from browser settings.  

Google is phasing out third-party cookies in Chrome to create a Privacy SandboxThe sandbox will have open standards for tracking users while protecting their privacy. Google's Privacy Sandbox will replace third-party cookies with a more privacy-conscious approach. This will allow users to manage their interests and group them into cohorts based on similar browsing patterns. 

Phasing out third-party cookies is part of a larger strategy to eliminate cross-site tracking of users as they browse the web. Google wants to introduce new standards that support key needs like fraud prevention and delivering relevant ads. 

The deprecation of third-party cookies means the entire digital marketing ecosystem must find alternative solutions that allow advertisers to manage both cross-site engagement and attribution.


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