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Enhanced access controls

Applies to:
All MindTouch Versions
Role required:
Site-wide access restrictions can be applied broadly with Geo-Blocking, IP Blocking, and IP Restricting.

The purpose of Geo-blocking, IP blocking, and IP restricting

Sometimes it becomes necessary to restrict access to resources available on the Internet, not only through permissions and authentication, but by location. Geo-blocking, IP blocking, and IP restricting, when combined with identity and access management solutions such as Single Sign-On, provide multiple levels of protection against unwanted access to sensitive resources.

We provide the ability to restrict site access to specific IP addresses or block IP addresses and countries when necessary. This will ensure that your site, Touchpoints, and Expert API integrations can only be accessed by specific clients, users, or employees.



Geo-blocking prevents all the devices connecting from specific countries from accessing Internet resources such as websites, files, and applications. Geo-blocking satisfies legal requirements when companies must adhere to US export regulations.

Expert will block access from a static list of provided countries. Visitors that appear to be evading these geographic restrictions via Tor or proxy servers, can optionally be blocked.

IP blocking

Similar to Geo-blocking, IP blocking can prevent specific individuals or networks from accessing Internet resources, without blocking entire countries.

Expert will block access from a static list of provided IP addresses.

IP restricting

IP restricting can limit access to Internet resources only to devices from specific locations, identified by IP address. In the event that access to a resource should only be allowed from a specific office network or VPN, IP restricting can filter out the traffic at the destination that does not originate from allowed sources.

Expert will restrict access to a static list of provided IP addresses, allowing traffic only from these IP addresses.

To implement enhanced access controls, please submit a support ticket.



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