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File Attachments

You can embed images and videos in your pages, or attach other files for reference. At the bottom of articles (topic, how-to, and reference pages), an Attachments table is visible to seated users only. The Attachments table is not displayed on Category or Guide pages.

To exclude files from search results, we recommend setting up a media repository instead of attaching files to individual pages. If you need files to be searchable for Viewers and Anonymous users, attaching the files directly to the individual pages is a better option.

List of attachments showing the file name, last modified date, size, and who added it to the page.

Attach files to a page

You can attach files in two ways:

  1. Drag and drop: Drag a file onto the page to attach it.

    If you are in Edit mode and the file is an image, it will be embedded and attached in one action. If you are in Edit mode and the file is not an image, a link is added to the page.
  2. Attach a file: Click the Attach a File button in the Attachments table, and navigate to the file you want to attach. Once attached, the file will appear in the Attachments table.

Move files to a media repository

A media repository is an option to manage images in a central location instead of attaching images to individual pages. If you already have a media repository and want to move attached files to it, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the image in the Attachments table on your page.

  2. Click the Move/Rename file icon. The icon is hidden until you move your cursor near it.

Move an attachment to another page by hovering over the area to see the button that looks like an arrow

  1. Navigate to your media repository.
  2. Click Move file.

View previous versions of a file

The Last modified date becomes a link once an attachment is modified. Click the date to view previous versions of the file. The previous versions are also links, so you can click them to view the older versions as needed.

Image shows where to click to view previous versions of an attachment


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