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Leverage Customer Experience Reports

When customers engage with your company’s support and product knowledge, they’re doing so much more than viewing a single piece of content. They’re sending valuable signals about their experience—what they need, what they prefer, and where the customer journey could be improved. Expert Customer Experience Analytics is a rich suite of reports powered by CX data points from across your product documentation and self-service support knowledge.

Benefits of using Customer Experience Reports

  • Create low effort experience for customers
  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Increasing self-service while decreasing support cost
  • Create revenue opportunities through improving the customer journey 

Customer Insights Report

With the Customer Insights report, Knowledge Managers can analyze the effort of their customer journeys. By viewing the path they take through your content you can find and fix high effort experiences. 

Answer these questions

  • What are your user looking at?
  • What are they looking for?
  • What path did they take through your content?
  • Where are digital drop-off points in the customer journey?
  • Was this a low or high effort experience?
  • Can you optimize the experience by creating new Expert Paths?


  • Improve customer experience by reducing friction in the customer journey
  • Enhance the findability of content by analyzing individual customer journeys

Page Views Report: Understand User Engagement with Knowledge  

Use the Page View report to see how your customers are interacting with your content on a more granular level. See how effective your content is by getting insight into what your customers are looking at and where they’re spending the most time. With this information you can make knowledge management and optimization decisions with the customers' needs put first. 

Answer these questions

  • Which pages engage the larger audience?
  • Which pages are essentially ineffective and need to be improved or removed?
  • What do customers need help with the most?
  • What are specific segments of consumers looking at?
  • How are customers interacting with the content?


  • Understand where you are successful in your self-service strategy
  • Use this report in conjunction with the Self-Service report to:
    • Identify trends between the content that people view and tickets that are submitted
    • Demonstrate how your knowledge base is preventing tickets and helping customers with self-service
  • Discovering opportunities for improvement of the customer journey
    • Opportunities to identify and optimize gaps in self-service content
    • Identify and take action on trending topics

Path Completion Report: Strengthen Guided Journeys

The Path Completion report helps you understand user engagement within your Paths. Through Paths, you can create a personalized customer journey by stitching together a group of pages into a custom order with sequential navigation elements. Paths help facilitate learning by guiding users through a complex set of tasks or learning process. Companies use this for onboarding, technical setup, training, or as a substitute for LMS.

You can improve your content to provide the best possible Paths for optimum learning. The Path Engagement report shows how users are navigating through each Path so that you can see how far your customers get and how frequently Paths are completed. You can also identify outliers so that you can adjust the Path to follow the natural order your customers follow, or identify articles that are often overlooked so that you can improve accordingly. You can see which paths are the most popular and which ones aren’t being utilized so that you can ensure that every piece of content provides value along the customer journey.

Answer these questions

  • Are my customers using Paths?
  • Are there Paths I need to improve?
    • Are my Path being used the way I expected?
    • How and where can I improve the experience of my Paths?
  • Has my Path performance improved based on changes I made?


  • Make data-driven decisions on which Paths and pages need to be improved
  • Improve efficiency by spending time improving the right things (no more guessing)
  • Optimize content for best learning/usage
  • Improve customer experience by presenting information the way they expect to view it

Search Insights Report: Improve Customer Content Journey 

Search Insights report allows you to gain a more holistic picture of what your customers are interested in and what their pain points are. With this report you are able to see what content your customers are looking for, how they are looking for it, and whether or not they are finding it within your content. 

Answer these questions

  • What search topics are trending?
  • What is your customer's intent behind the search they executed?
  • What are different audiences searching for?
  • What are they struggling to find?


  • Produce and update content while also improving your product by using your customers' own words
  • Improve and create content based on search trends to fill knowledge gaps
  • Understand customer engagement with content to provide a lower effort experience
  • Discover and interpret user intent to improve the customer journey

Self-Service Report: Analyze Effectiveness of Self-Service

Support knowledge managers want to measure the success and health of their self-service content, understand how the company's consumers interact with the content, and see how content impacts the bottom line. The Self-Service report can help them understand how the content is performing in certain areas of the site. With this information they can make targeted improvements to content, internal processes, or the company can improve the product experience. 

Answer these questions

  • How much money are we saving through self-service?
  • How many tickets are being prevented?
  • How successful is our self-service strategy?


  • Understand how your external customers are using your knowledge base
  • Identify trends with sessions and tickets
  • Identify and gaps in self-service content 
  • Optimize the overall self-service strategy 
  • Demonstrate how much knowledge is preventing new tickets and helping customers through self-service



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