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Common Metric Terms and Definitions

Definitions for common metrics found in Expert Analytic reports.
Any Order Path Completions

Any Order Path Completion is when a user has viewed all pages in a Path, but not in sequential order.

Click-Through Rate

The Click-through rate (CTR) is the percentage of Search Queries that led to at least one clicked Search Result.

Engagement Channel

An Engagement Channel is the method of delivery a visitor uses to access knowledge content on your site. This can include options such as direct, referral, Touchpoints, or support channels.

Permissioned users can filter the Page Views report and Self-Service report by engagement channel to gain more insight into how visitors interact with their site. 

Linear Path Completion

Linear Path Completion is when a user has viewed all pages in a Path in sequential order.


A Path is a series of content pages, independent of hierarchy, organized in a custom order with consecutive navigation elements. 

Page Views

A Page View is counted when a user views a page. If a page is reloaded or the user navigates back to the same page during a Session, it counts as an additional Page View.

Contextual Help Overlay Link Page Views
On a page with a contextual help link, two page view can occur: one the page containing the link is visited, and another when the link is clicked and the source page (the page the link points to) is displayed.

Percent Self-Service

The Percent Self-Service metric is the percent of Sessions that did not result in a Ticket Submitted event.

Scroll on Page

Scroll on Page is the maximum distance down the page a user has viewed, shown as a percent of the total page height (in pixels). 

To measure scroll percentage, JavaScript is used to determine how tall a page is based on the device the page is displayed on. Once page height is determined, JavaScript then counts the number of pixels. JavaScript measures how far down the user has scrolled, and divides this by the total page height to get a percentage.

Headers, footers, and media are included in this measurement. For pages that do not require scrolling to view the entire page, the Scroll on Page is 100%.

Search Click

A Search Click event happens when a user clicks on a Search Result. An individual Search Query can lead to more than one Search Click, such as when a user opens several search results in new tabs.

Search Position

A Search Position is what spot a Search Result appears in the search result listings. A search position of 1 indicates that the page is the first result listed.

Search Query

A Search Query is a word or phrase submitted to the internal search engine. A Search Query may or may not display results after it has been processed. A Search Query is successful if a user clicks on at least one Search Result.

Search Result

A Search Result is a page listed after a Search Query has been submitted. One or more Search Results may appear on the search results page.


A Session is a period of time where a user interacts (for example Page Views, events, searches) with a site.  A Session will end when a user closes out the browser or there has been more than 30 minutes of user inactivity.

A single user can generate two sessions if, for example, they begin on the site as an anonymous user (not logged in) and then log in at some point during that session. In this case, the Anonymous session will end, and a new Community or Pro Member session will begin.

Tickets Initiated

A Ticket Initiated event happens when a user generates a Page View on a Support ticketing form integrated with analytic tracking code.

Tickets Submitted

A Ticket Submitted event occurs when a form is submitted on a Support ticketing form integrated with analytic tracking code.

Time on Page

Time on Page is the total seconds a user has spent on a page.


A translation is any time a visitor to your site uses the language menu (often at the top of the screen) to translate from the site's language into another language.

If a page is larger than 5,000 bytes, CXone Expert breaks it down into multiple translations.

Unique Page Views

A Unique Page View is counted when there is at least one Page View in a Session but will only be counted once in that Session


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