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Display paths via Contextual Help Touchpoint

Applies to:
MindTouch (current)
Role required:
Display Learning Paths in a Contextual Help Touchpoint.
  1. If needed, create a Path.
  2. In Path Manager, locate the Path you want the Contextual Help window to display.
  3. Click the Path link in the Title column.
  4. In the Edit path area, locate and copy the Path URL.
  5. Create and embed a contextual help link or a contextual help button.
    • If you are creating a contextual help Touchpoint, enter the full Path URL into the Host field:
    • If you are creating a contextual help button Touchpoint, enter the Path name into the Help button path@lp/name_of_path.
  6. Test the Touchpoint to verify the MindTouch Path displays as expected.


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