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Navigation widget

Applies to:
MindTouch (current)
Role required:
Draft Contributor
Top-level pages, classified as Category or Guide page types, include a reference to a navigation template by default.

The template appears in an Editor Widget container in Edit mode, and automates navigation through Categories and Guides with auto-populated links to the sub-pages they contain.


Can I modify the widget?

If you delete the Navigation Widget from a Category or Guide, Expert will display a warning to reinsert the widget prior to saving changes to the page.

The only modification you can make is its position on the page. Hover over the widget to display the drag icon drag-and-drop.png on the upper left corner of the widget. Click and drag this icon to reposition the widget. The position of the widget determines the position of the navigational elements that are rendered in view mode.

If the Navigation widget is missing from your Category and Guide pages, you may be working with a previous version of Expert that does not have Guided Content Framework enabled. In its place you will see a DekiScript widget with either a Category or Guide template call. 

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