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Communication Banner

Implement a simple, low-code communication or announcement banner across high-visibility or high-traffic areas of your site.

Further customizations than what is detailed here should be provided by your in-house web design and development resources.


  • Admin role (Control Panel access - optional)
  • Page or template edit permissions

Banner style

Modify the CSS below to control the look of the banner, replacing the # with your desired hex color codes. You can add this CSS to your site's Custom site CSS (in Control Panel) or within a CSS widget on the specific page where the banner will be placed.

.announcement {
    border: none;
    width: 100%;

.announcement thead {
    text-align: center;

.announcement th {
    background: # ; /* announcement background color*/
    border: none;
    padding: 12px 8px;
    color: # ; /* announcement text color */

.announcement th a {
    color: # ; /* announcement link color */
    text-decoration: underline;

.announcement th a:hover {
    color: # ; /* announcement link color on hover */  
    text-decoration: underline;  

.announcement th a:focus {
    color: # ; /* announcement link color on focus */  
    outline: 1px dotted # ; /* announcement link outline color on focus. change to match focus link color */

Banner component

Create the banner component containing your message copy in the WYSIWYG editor using a 1×1 table.

  1. Enter edit mode on the desired page or template
  2. Create a 1×1 table.
  3. Open the table context menu (right-click for Windows, or ∧+click for Mac) and select Table properties.
  4. In the Table properties modal, configure the table as follows:
    • Headings selections:
      Select First row.
      Select First column.
    • Stylesheet classes: announcement
    • Deselect Make table responsive.
    • Width: 100%
    • Caption field empty
    • Summary field (accessibility description)


  5. Select OK in the Table properties modal and save your edit.
  6. Publish your changes if they were made to a draft.



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