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Recently Completed

Template Directory Enhancement (announced 2019-10-10, Release 2019-10-24)
To make the Template Directory easier to use, we:

  • Provided user friendly display titles (URLs did not change) to templates under Template:Custom
    •     Template:Custom/Views/AuthenticationProviders renamed to Multiple Identity Provider Sign-In Page
          Template:Custom/Views/BlankArticle renamed to Live Placeholder
          Template:Custom/Views/BlankArticle/Community renamed to Community Member Live Placeholder
          Template:Custom/Views/BlankArticle/ProMember renamed to Pro Member Live Placeholder
          Template:Custom/Views/ContentFooter renamed to Page Content Footer
          Template:Custom/Views/ContentHeader renamed to Page Content Header
          Template:Custom/Views/ContentSide renamed to Page Content Side
          Template:Custom/Views/Footer renamed to Site Footer
          Template:Custom/Views/Header renamed to Site Header
          Template:Custom/Views/Login renamed to Sign-In Page
          Template:Custom/Views/PageNotFound renamed to 404 Page Not Found
          Template:Custom/Views/PDFPageFooter renamed to PDF Page Footer
          Template:Custom/Views/PDFPageHeader renamed to PDF Page Header
          Template:Custom/Views/PDFTocFooter renamed to PDF Table of Contents Footer
          Template:Custom/Views/PDFTocHeader renamed to PDF Table of Contents Header
          Template:Custom/Views/Welcome renamed to Welcome Page
          Template:Custom/Views/Welcome/Community renamed to Community Member Welcome Page
          Template:Custom/Views/Welcome/ProMember renamed to Pro Member Welcome Page
  • Restricted access to internal templates under /Template:Expert hierarchy, except:
    • /IDF3/Pages/
    • /IDF2/Pages/
    • /IDF/Pages/

The templates that will no longer be accessible are already managed by Expert and overwritten during weekly releases. ​​​​​Contact the Support Team with any questions regarding this change.

Google+ Removal (announced 2019-10-03, Release 2019-10-17)
Due to the shutdown of Google+ for personal (consumer) accounts, the functionality to share an Expert page to Google+ is being removed. 

Release 2019-10-04


There were no fixes this week

Release 2019-10-10


Capture Manager Integration, Expert for Salesforce, Expert for Zendesk, Search-In-Place Touchpoint
Fixed an issue where question marks in search queries would not return expected results. 

Google Search Console Warning
Fixed an issue that was causing Google Search Console to send alerts due to invalid Expert page structured data when attempting to create rich snippets. 

Release 2019-10-17


Google+ Removal (announced 2019-10-03, Release 2019-10-17)
Due to the shutdown of Google+ for personal (consumer) accounts, the functionality to share an Expert page to Google+ is being removed. 


Fixed an issue where a draft for a new page could not be published if tags were added. This was limited to the latest version of Expert with Guided Content Framework enabled.

Release 2019-10-24


Search Insights Report
Fixed an issue where selecting a date range that is over the 365 day limit would prevent data from being shown. 

Release 2019-10-31

This release is complete. The Release was deployed to all Expert sites as of 10:33 AM (PT).


Site Structure Report
Fixed an issue where the report would not load in Internet Explorer 11. 




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