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February 2019 Releases

February Updates

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Contextual Help Touchpoints (announced 2019-01-10)
The mt-f1=true URL query parameter that is included in Contextual Help Touchpoints page requests will be changed to mt-view=f1. Please contact the Support Team with any questions regarding this change.

Control Panel Single Sign-On Configuration Page Removal (announced 2019-02-14)
​​​​​Continued Single Sign-On configuration will be handled through the Support Team. Contact the Support Team with any questions regarding this change.

Security HTTP Headers (announced 2019-02-21)
To prevent public visitors from clickjacking, phishing, or fraud attempts, Expert will enable the X-Frame-Options HTTP header for sites that do not already have it enabled. This will disable the ability to iframe an Expert site into another web application. Contact the Support Team with any questions regarding this change.

TLS Security Update (announced 2019-02-28)
To improve the security of Expert sites, HTTPS requests using the TLS 1.0 protocol to Expert servers will no longer be supported. TLS 1.1 and 1.2 will continue to be supported. All Expert supported operating systems and browsers will not be affected, however, older clients built using older versions of OpenSSL may be affected. Contact the Support Team with any questions regarding this change.

Search Engine Maintenance (announced 2019-02-28)
To ensure quality in Expert search results, the search engine is being upgraded to the latest supported version. Based on our test results, we do not expect significant changes to the search results. Sites will be gradually moved from using the current search engine to the upgraded version in the weeks following Release 2019-03-14.

Release 2019-02-07


Expert Training
Refreshed Expert Training contains guided learning paths to help you understand and apply out-of-the-box Expert features. The 4 part training series includes how-to videos, extended content to boost adoption, and value for you and your customers.

Release 2019-02-14


Edit Icon
Fixed an issue where an edit icon would appear for users on a page where permissions have been restricted. This issue was limited to the current version of Expert.

Release 2019-02-21


Link Manager
Fixed an issue where some working links would have the broken link icon.

Search Terms and Queries Report
Fixed an issue where the downloaded Search Terms and Queries Report would only show the latest 10,000 results.


Conditional Content by Group
Previously, Expert included three Conditional Text types accessible via the the editor: Pro Member, Community Member, and Anonymous user. With this enhancement, you can now also specify a Group for conditional content.

Release 2019-02-28


Contextual Help Window
Fixed an issue where using the Open article button on a filtered search result page would clear the classification filtering.


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