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Create a private section

Applies to:
MindTouch (current)
Role required:
Create private sections in your MindTouch site to keep sensitive information from public access.

Create a new Private section

  1. Navigate to the area under which you want to have a Private section.
  2. From the MindTouch Toolbar, select New > Category or Guide, depending on the what you need.
  3. Enter a Name in the Page Title field and click Save.
  4. From the MindTouch Toolbar, select Options > Restrict Access
  5. Under Page Restrictions, select the Private radio button and click Save Permission Settings.

Any page you create within the Private Category or Guide will inherit the Private permissions by default.

Change an existing section to Private

  1. Navigate to the section that you want to be Private.
  2. From the MindTouch Toolbar, select Options > Restrict Access
  3. Under Page Restrictions, select the radio button for Private. 
  4. Under Permissions List, select the checkbox for Apply restriction settings to all subpages and Overwrite all existing permissions on subpages to the ones set on this page.
  5. Click Save Permission Settings.

If the content you make Private was previously indexed by search engines, follow instructions to Remove MindTouch content from Google Search.


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