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Path searchability and navigation

Applies to:
MindTouch (current)
Role required:
Pages viewed as part of a Path experience have different navigation and findability options.

Pages versus Path navigation

If you view a page (via search result or a direct link) that is included in a Learning Path, will you see the Path navigation elements?

No, the Path navigation elements only appear when you view a page via an embedded Path link.

If a page is included in multiple Paths, which Path navigation appears?

The embedded Path link that you follow will determine the Path navigation elements that appear.

Search and maintenance

Are Paths searchable by CXone Expert or external search engines?

No, Paths themselves are not indexed for search. Individual pages, whether they are part of a Path or not, are indexed according to their page privacy settings. To make a Path searchable, you can embed a Path within in page that is searchable.

How can I find all my Paths?

Access Path Manager to see details and preview of all Paths. To find Paths embedded on pages throughout your site, enter script:mt-learningpath-widget in your Expert search.

If a page within a Path is deleted or its redirect broken, does the page still appear in the Path?

No, If a page becomes inaccessible through its page URL, then it no longer appears in the Path navigation. The page name will still be visible in Path Manager, so it can be fixed or removed.


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