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Import content from other systems

Applies to:
All MindTouch Versions
Role required:
Import content from legacy or external systems into your Expert site.

Why import legacy content?

  • Instantly index all content for search
  • Centralize your knowledge
  • Provide knowledge analysis and feedback
  • Provide support agents access to content

Import methods

  • Assisted import
    • Recommended for 300 or more pages or from tools such as Madcap Flare, Adobe Framemaker, or Adobe RoboHelp.
    • Contact your Customer Success Manager to begin an import analysis executed by Expert specialists
  • Manual import
    • Recommended for less than 300 pages
    • Ensures that your content is current and in alignment with your documentation standards

Assisted import process

At Expert, we have developed a process that aligns expectations and mitigates risk to prevent inconsistencies that could be compounded across hundreds or thousands of pages.


Be prepared to provide the following materials/information:

  1. A sample (3% or more) of your knowledge in HTML or PDF format.
  2. The total count of all your HTML files.
  3. The source application that was used to generate your HTML content.

Import expectations

  • Images used on pages are attached to each page they are used on. This may cause the same image to be imported multiple times. 
  • Documents referenced by pages are attached to each page that they are referenced on. This may cause the same document to be imported multiple times.
  • Pages that are included two or more times in the hierarchy are imported as transclusions of the original page instead of copies.

Manual import guidelines

Copy and paste content from Word, PDF, Google Docs, and other sources.

Microsoft Word   

Word uses proprietary formatting that does not conform to internet standards.

  • Expert will not import formatting styles such as color, custom fonts, tables, etc. The formatting will get stripped and will be applied as plain text.
  • Expert will retain content that is bold or italicized.


You can add PDFs as file attachments to a page, or copy the content into an Expert page for more web-friendly and flexible content. Highlight and copy the PDF content you would like to import and use the Expert Editor Menu to paste the content into an Expert page.

Google Docs

  • The colors and fonts will not import over and will have to be applied manually.
  • Any bold text in the Google Doc will not import over
  • Bullet points (if any) will be retained.                       


When copying and pasting tables, the table structure (cells, columns) will be retained, but formatting styles will get stripped out.

  1. Copy the table from Word and paste into an Expert page.
  2. Edit table properties to modify the appearance as needed. 


Copied images from Word do not directly paste over into Expert because the image does not yet exist in Expert. 

Upload the image before it can be embedded in the body of the page. You can either save the image on your desktop and use the drag and drop method, or attach it to the page.


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