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Search-In-Place Touchpoint

Applies to:
MindTouch (current)
Role required:
Embed a search function for your content in any web page or application and display the results in place.

The Search-In-Place Touchpoint is an easily embeddable integration that users can use to search your MindTouch knowledge from any of your web properties or web applications.

Example Use Case

The Search-In-Place Touchpoint can provide a Touchpoint for Community experience, empowering customers to self-serve by extending your MindTouch knowledge into your community, support ticketing, or customer contact forms.

Your customer has visited your e-commerce site and has found a great product to buy. The customer adds your product to the shopping cart but all of a sudden has last-minute questions about the product. The customer is ready to leave your site to search the internet but then notices your search-in-place Touchpoint in the shopping cart. The customer enters a question into the search bar and finds an article listed in the results list that seems to answers the question. The customer reads the article and the information confirms the buyer's decision to purchase. Thanks to your embedded Search-in-Place Touchpoint, the buyer is able to access additional information that helps inform the customer's buying decision and the customer ends up placing the order.


How Customers Experience the Search-in-Place Touchpoint

  1. Your customers see Touchpoint's search bar on your web page:

Screenshot of the search-in-place touchpoint

There is a fixed amount of white space below the search bar to display search results, similar to what you see above. This space is determined by the Search-in-Place Touchpoint configuration. 

  1. Customers enter a search term, and the Search-in-Place Touchpoint returns pages from your MindTouch site and are relevant to the search.
    Screenshot of the search-in-place touchpoint results
  2. Customers have the option to view additional results or to enter a different query to search further.
    Screenshot of the show more link in the search-in-place touchpoint

Embed Search-In-Place Touchpoint

  1. Create a Search-In-Place Touchpoint
  2. Copy the embed code
    1. Navigate to Site Tools > Dashboard > Integrations > Touchpoints Management
    2. Scroll to Currently enabled Touchpoints, select your Touchpoint and click Copy code to clipboard
  3. Navigate to the page on which you want to embed your Search-In-Place Touchpoint
  4. Decide where on the page you would like to add the Search-In-Place Touchpoint
  5. If necessary, consult with your product developers to access the HTML of your web application
  6. Paste the embed code directly into the HTML of your web page or application
  7. Test the Search-In-Place Touchpoint where embedded and verify it returns the expected results and that search refinement works as expected (if applicable)
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