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Use Cases to Integrate Knowledge with SAP SuccessFactors

Integrate Knowledge Central with your SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Service Center to provide a personalized and low effort experience.

When an SAP customer chooses to invest in an SAP Knowledge Central knowledge management strategy for their SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Service Center (ECSC) deployment, they create an experience that allows both internal users and customers to quickly get answers to questions.

It is essential to identify the cornerstone content that provides the best answer based on your customer's support needs. With Expert integrations, extend the answer to a question or a problem into the individual application interfaces that are used at a specific point of a journey to create effortless service experiences.

Use Cases for SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Service Center

SAP Knowledge Central can be leveraged to provide value for your Human Resource teams as well as the employees who need help while navigating human resource systems and processes.

HR Help Desk Agent

Organizations that leverage SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Service Center (ECSC) to support their employees via agent interactions can have SAP Knowledge Central configured to accommodate the following use cases:

  • Human Resource Service Desk Agent Personalization - In conjunction with a supported Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform, apply permissions to knowledge content based on group settings
    • a tier of cases or type of interaction
    • a skill set
    • a product or service 
    • a region that supports a set of languages
  • Suggest an Article to an Agent - If a subject line field is included in the case submission form, automatically pass field data to SAP Knowledge Central as a search query for content that addresses the submitted case
  • Employee Personalization - If a case submission form is being used, use additional fields and data to identify employee-specific information and customize answers to cases 
  • Agent search - Provide the agent with an interface to facilitate searches to articles that address questions and cases.

Employee Self Service

Organizations that leverage SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Service Center (ECSC) to support their customers can configure SAP Knowledge Central to accommodate the following use cases:

  • Employee Self Service History - Provide agents with the historical context of what an employee tried to leverage to find answers and solve problems prior to submitting a case into an organization's support team
    • Understand search terms and patterns to see what the employee is looking for or trying to accomplish
    • Review the click path employee have used to try and self serve prior submitting a case
    • See attachments the employee used during the self service sessions prior to case submission
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