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Page Views Analytics API

This feature is in Beta. Any information in this article is subject to change without warning.

About the Analytics API 

The Analytics API is a good fit for teams that want to: 

  • Unlock richer insights by combining Expert data with other sources.
  • Build flexible, comprehensive reports that are tailored to business needs.
  • Incorporate usage metrics into third party tools like data pipelines and BI visualization layers.
  • Access granular data for deeper analysis.
  • Future-proof analytics capabilities as needs grow and change.

Example Use Cases 

Data-Driven Retention Campaigns

The customer success team at ACME Corp uses the Analytics API to pull usage data on their top content into their CRM automation platform. By combining this data with their CRM system, they build targeted retention and adoption campaigns that highlight their most popular assets to key customers. The Analytics API enables them to easily keep their usage data up to date within their broader retention and adoption analytics ecosystem.

Consolidated Executive Reporting

The C-suite at ACME Corp needs a comprehensive view of how all their software tools and platforms are being used across the organization. They use the Analytics API to extract Expert's analytics and combine that data with data from their other systems. This aggregated data feeds into their data warehouse and business intelligence platform to create a single source of truth that leadership can leverage to understand overall performance. The Analytics API allows them to efficiently pull Expert data into their centralized reporting environment.


Page Views

The Page Views analytics API endpoint gives you the same data that the Page Views Report and the Language Report provide. This information gives you visibility into who is consuming content, how, and from where. Use this information to make informed knowledge management and optimization decisions. 

The Page Views endpoint can be called by appending /@api/deki/site/analytics/pageviews?month=YYYY-MM to the end of a URL. Result file is a csv. 

Please note: while Excel and Looker are pulling the same data from the same place, they interpret time differently. This may result in slight variations between the UI data and the API data, which is expected. To ensure your data sets match as closely as possible, make sure you are filtering out bot traffic and the report dates match. 

Response Fields (all will be returned):

Field Name Description Type Example
ACCEPT_LANGUAGE Language sent from the browser VARCHAR(16777216)



ARTICLE_TYPE The type of article at the time of the page view VARCHAR(16777216) howto
COMPATIBILITY_MODE Used if the page was viewed in unsupported browsers BOOLEAN FALSE
CONTENT_LANGUAGE Language the content was displayed in VARCHAR(16777216) en-us
EFFECTIVE_LANGUAGE Page language VARCHAR(16777216)




The method of delivery a visitor uses to access knowledge content

This can include options such as direct, referral, Touchpoints, or support channels.





EVENT_DATE The date the event occurred DATE (M/D/YYYY)



EVENT_DATETIME The date and time the event occurred



2023-06-01 23:57:06.000 Z

A unique identifier for page views events

A count of this ID should match the "Page Views" metric in the Dashboard.

VARCHAR(16777216) 03472928-00d8-11ee-a869-719f334a7d1d
IP_ADDRESS The anonymized IP address of the page view VARCHAR(16777216)
NEXT_PAGE_PATH If available, the path of the page that the user goes to next VARCHAR(16777216) Admin/Contact/What_Version_of_CXone_Expert_Am_I_Using?
PAGE_ID The ID of the page viewed, and the recommended page identifier NUMBER(38,0) 13545
PAGE_PATH Path of the page at the time of the event, which can change over time and is not a recommended page identifier. VARCHAR(16777216) Admin/Branding/Branding_Guidelines/Logos_and_icons
PAGE_VIEW_ID A unique identified for the page view VARCHAR(16777216) b272fe2e-8a79-48de-af4c-c33dc2417356
PAGE_VIEW_WEB_WIDGET_REFERRER_EMBED_ID A unique identifier for type of touchpoint (web widget) created in the Web Widgets section in Special:Integrations VARCHAR(16777216) NULL
PAGE_VIEW_WEB_WIDGET_REFERRER_EMBED_LOCATION An identifier for where the touchpoint is embedded VARCHAR(16777216) NULL
PAGE_VIEW_WEB_WIDGET_REFERRER_IS_INITIAL_REFERRAL Set to true if the page view was done in a Touchpoint. BOOLEAN FALSE

The Touchpoint (Web Widget) created in the Web Widgets section in Special:Integrations

For example, when you create a new F1 widget button

VARCHAR(16777216) NULL

Web widgets do not send the origin parameter, so use the web widget type to infer which CRM integration was the source of the help request traffic.

In addition, ensures that F1 web widgets are correctly attributed

VARCHAR(16777216) NULL

The maximum distance down the page a user has viewed, shown as a percent of the total page height (in pixels), also known as Scroll on Page.

To measure scroll percentage, JavaScript is used to determine how tall a page is based on the device the page is displayed on. Once page height is determined, JavaScript then counts the number of pixels, measures how far down the user has scrolled, and divides this by the total page height to get a percentage.

Headers, footers, and media are included in this measurement. For pages that do not require scrolling to view the entire page, the Scroll on Page is 100%.





PREV PAGE PATH If available, the path of the page that the user was previously on VARCHAR(16777216) Admin/CXone_Expert_UI_overview/Administrative_pages/Control_Panel
REFERRER If available, the webpage that sent the user to the page VARCHAR(16777216)


SECONDS_ON_PAGE The number of seconds that a user was on a page NUMBER(18,0)



SECONDS_ON_PAGE_ESTIMATE The number of seconds between consecutive page views within the same session NUMBER(18,0)



SESSION_ID Indicates which events belong to which session VARCHAR(16777216) site_11706:efac2fe8-c43f-4e17-b5d7-081908ce7a77:1
SESSION_NUMBER Used to process sessions?  NUMBER(13,0) 1
SESSION_REFERRAL_DOMAIN The webpage that started the session that the page view is in VARCHAR(16777216)


SITE_ID The unique ID for the site VARCHAR(16777216) site_11706
TRANSLATED_LANGUAGE The language that page content was translated into VARCHAR(16777216)




Used to indicate if traffic was likely from a bot

Exclude from results for most accurate reporting.




USER_AGENT_ID Identifies the unique user agent string from which the page view or browsing session originated VARCHAR(40) 305f2f0a3d87377fcbc6d9aa45e0235fe2fc9187

The user who viewed the page

A user ID of 1 indicates that the user was Anonymous. 

NUMBER(38,0) 756

Used in combination with 'USER_IS_SEATED' to determine if the user is a Viewer or Seated user

Anonymous, non-seated users are 'Anonymous'. Non-anonymous, non-seated users are 'Authenticated viewer' users. Seated users are always non-anonymous.

If this value is TRUE, the USER_IS_SEATED value should be FALSE.





Used in combination with 'USER_IS_ANONYMOUS' to determine if the user is a Viewer or Seated user

If this value is TRUE, the USER_IS_ANONYMOUS value should be FALSE.




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