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May 2021 Releases

May Updates

Release 2021-05-13


Content Reuse

Content Reuse in the editor now links to the reused page.Screen Shot 2021-04-27 at 1 04 55 PM


The heading level will be displayed in the Editor toolbar when the cursor is on a line of text.


Expert Toolbar

Clicking on a menu option that is already open will close the drop-down.


We have updated YouTube video embedding with timestamp parameters that are backwards compatible with older videos.

Release 2021-05-20



When setting links to "Open in new window", the link will now have a rel="noopener" attribute added when the page is rendered. This will prevent the new window that is opened from accessing the window that it was opened from. Please consult Mozilla's Link types: noopener documentation for more information.

Release 2021-05-27

This release is complete. The Release was deployed to all Expert sites as of 2:26 PM (PDT).

Today’s release included under the hood changes for product maintenance and preparation for upcoming features.



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