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NICE CXone Expert
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June 2016 Releases

Release 2016-06-02

New features

  • Legacy browsing experience enabled
    To allow users to view and navigate content on browsers that are no longer supported by Microsoft (namely legacy browsers), we created a legacy browser experience.

Bug fixes

  • Localized "Home" page
    Fixed issue with "Home" not localizing in breadcrumb and tree navigations.
  • Disabled F1 anchor option
    Fixed issue that allowed users to select an anchor when linking to an article via F1. The option is now disabled.
  • Third-party code donation request removed
    Removed third-party code donation request when using syntax highlighter.
  • TCS editor fix
    Fixed issue with editor breaking after the Edit button is selected from the Expert toolbar on TCS sites.

Release 2016-06-09

Feature optimizations

  • Redirect warning messages
    Users are now alerted when they are about to break a redirect through certain rename, copy and move functions. Additional documentation gives a bit of background information on how redirects work. Actions that may inspire a warning message include:
    • Saving a new page over an existing redirect
    • Saving a new draft over an existing redirect
    • Moving a page over an existing redirect
    • Moving a hierarchy where resulting sub-pages would have the same path as an existing redirect
    • Copying a page over an existing redirect
    • Copying a hierarchy where resulting sub-pages would have the same path as an existing redirect
    • Restoring deleted pages
    • Importing MTARCs

Bug fixes

  • Error upon saving an edited page
    Fixed issue with Expert producing a save error when the Save button was double-clicked.
  • Scrolling in Firefox and Safari
    Fixed issue with scrollbars not working in Firefox or Safari.

Release 2016-06-16

Feature optimizations

  • Searching for users in control panel
    Enhanced search in Users page in control panel to include results for user names that contain spaces.

Bug fixes

  • Content alignment in Internet Explorer 11
    Fixed issue with page content left-aligning in Internet Explorer 11.
  • Minor styling
    • Fixed styling issue of user view and search activity table incorrectly wrapping upon page load.
    • Fixed styling issue of tag values not properly wrapping on smaller screens.
    • Fixed styling issue of "Return to [page]" link in Restrict access page not properly wrapping on smaller screens.
    • Fixed styling issue of "Add new user" text fields and warning messages overlapping.
    • Fixed hidden borders on "Add new user" text fields.
  • Blank feedback submittal
    Fixed issue with users being able to submit blank feedbacks. The Submit button is now grayed out until content is entered into the feedback text field.
  • Unsubscribe link in notification email
    Fixed issue with the unsubscribe link in subscription notification emails not resolving to the correct page.

Release 2016-06-23

Bug fixes

  • Page responsiveness in Internet Explorer 11
    Fixed issue with pages not being responsive in Internet Explorer 11.
  • Sign-in fields not displaying in legacy browsers
    Fixed issue with sign-in fields not displaying in legacy browsers when opening the user login page.
  • Checkbox selection in classification manager
    Fixed issue with "select all" selection in classification manager persisting upon refresh.
  • Display of saved images on pages
    Fixed issue with pages refreshing and requiring user to click Save twice when uploading images in the editor.

Release 2016-06-30

Bug fixes

  • Padding in Link picker dialog
    Fixed issue with missing padding in Link picker dialog in MT4.
  • Spacing between breadcrumb text and ellipses
    Fixed styling of missing spacing between breadcrumb text and ellipses.
  • Carousel alignment on search page
    Fixed issue with carousel alignment with previous/next arrows when carousel navigation is needed.
  • Section editing of headings 
    Fixed issue with the editor opening at the top of the page when section-editing headings in headers and footers.
  • Restoring a deleted page to an alternate location 
    Fixed issue with not being able to restore a deleted page over a redirect to an alternate location.
  • Link options persisting for linked files
    Fixed issue with link options reverting to "Default" when editing links that point to files.
  • Page title edit through image dialog
    Fixed issue with page title input field not being greyed out when saving images.


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