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Special page mockups

Applies to:
MindTouch (current)
Role required:

For a good representation of most of the UI elements used in Expert, use these special page mockups while creating your site design.

Screen sizes

Responsive device size breakdown used in Expert. Approximated pixel values displayed alongside their for easier reference.

  • Desktop (80 em = 1280 px)
  • Mobile - landscape (25 em = 480 px)
  • Mobile - portrait (18.75 em = 320 px)

Special page views

Classification manager view

The classification manager is a tool that will help you organize your site's content by allowing you to update classifications and tags across your entire site for multiple pages at the same time.

Download: Classification

Content ID manager view

The content ID manager allows you to associate content IDs to URLs of your Expert pages whenever you want to add links for those pages to your external sites, emails or blogs. Learn more about the content ID manger by reading, Dynamically update your external links.

Download: Content ID

Dashboard view

The dashboard serves as the central location that links you to all of your site's advanced pro member functionality. These dashboard links include detailed reports, tools for tag and classification manipulation, the ability to view the revision history of your site, and template links that help customize your site. Learn more about the dashboard by reading, Get to know the Dashboard.


Draft manager view

Similar to the classification manager, the draft manager is a special page that helps you organize your drafts by allowing you to update classifications and tags in bulk across your entire site.

Download: Draft

First login welcome view

This special page appears for your users the first time they log into your site.

Download: First login

Page notifications view

Page notifications displays the entire list of pages you receive update notifications from. Learn more about page notification by reading, Change your page subscriptions.

Download: Page

Popular pages view

The popular pages report displays the top 50 most visited pages on your site.

Download: Popular

Report views

Expert has a series of reports that help you maintain your site health. These mockups contain the largest and smallest pro member views. Learn more about these reports by reading the article, Successfully use Expert reports.

Download: Special -

Site activity report

Site activity tracks the number of newly created users, pages, and the number of edits made on your site.

Community scoring report

Community scoring provides a report on all of the article ratings your users have given throughout your site.

Content aging report

This report displays the ages of your articles and when they were last updated so that you can maintain fresh content for your site.

Search report

This report displays your sites search terms along with their usage and articles visited.

Usage report

This report page displays your sites HelpRequest usage.

Revision history view

Revision history returns all changes made on a given page. This resource also has many tools that allow you to view, compare, and revert changes made to the page. Learn more about the revision history by reading, Manage page revisions.

Download: Revision

Search results views

Search results is a special page viewable by all types of users that allows you to search through and access content across your entire site. Learn more about search results by reading, Review search results.


Site history views

Site history displays a tabular listing of all the changes made to your site, organized by date. Learn more about your site history by reading, View your site history.

Download: Site

User contributions views

User contributions allows you to track the changes your site's pro member users make. The page displays a short summary of what and where a change was made. Learn more about user contributions by reading View user contributions.

Download: User

User view and search activity report

The user view and search activity page allows you to track the searches made and pages viewed for any logged in user.

Download: User view and search


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