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Applies to:
MindTouch (current)
Role required:

Content pages in Expert are called articles. They appear differently based on which type of user views them. Their layout and features will also change based on the device that they are displayed on. Use the following mockups when creating your site design so you can be sure that all aspects of your article pages are accounted for.

Screen sizes

Responsive screen size breakdown used in Expert. Approximated pixel values displayed alongside their em units for easier reference.

  • Desktop (80 em = 1280 px)
  • Laptop (65.25 em = 1044 px)
  • Tablet - landscape (50 em = 800 px)
  • Tablet - portrait (37.5 em = 600 px)
  • Mobile - landscape (25 em = 480 px)
  • Mobile - portrait (18.75 em = 320 px)

Anonymous page views

When a user visits your site and they are not signed in, they are considered anonymous users. These mockups include all supported screen sizes for anonymous users.

Download: Article -


Community member page views

Community members are essentially your signed in customers who are able to read and provide feedback around your documentation. These mockups consist of all the supported screen sizes for community members.

Download: Article - community


Pro member page views

A pro member is an employee of your company or a subject matter expert that is granted additional privileges. These mockups inlude all supported screen sizes for pro members.

Download: Article - pro

These mockups contain the large desktop view of all article draft variations. See below for screenshots and explanations for each type of page.

Download: Article - drafts - pro

Draft page view

If you wish to make changes to an article, but do not want it visible until you are finished, create a draft (an unpublished copy) of the article.

Draft with live page - the pro member view of a draft for a live page.

Draft without live page - the pro member view of a draft for a new page or an unpublished placeholder page.

Live page view

When an article is visible to all users, this is considered a live published article.

Live page with draft - the pro member view of a live page where a draft exists.

Live page without draft - the pro member view of a live page where no draft exists.


Unpublished page view

When you have a draft of an article but not a live version, you have an unpublished article. Pro members will see this page with placeholder text. Anonymous and community members will be redirected back to the home page.

Unpublished page placeholder - the pro member view of the unpublished live page.


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