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Content quality checklist

Consider a checklist to assess your Expert content.

Over time, your criteria should evolve while adapting to the requirements of your industry and business.

Criteria example

High-quality content can meet 80% of the example requirements. Defining quality criteria that is too rigid can complicate your content.

  • Minimum of 200 words: Word count is provided in the editor underneath the Styles button.
  • Microcontent: The fewer headings, the better. Keep articles short and brief. Break out long pages into several pages.
  • A value statement: Why should the reader use? How will the user benefit?
  • Tags (3 to 5): Tag articles to ensure relevant recommended articles.
  • Search recommendations: Search recommendations added to each article.
  • Hyperlinks (2 or more): Learn how to add hyperlinks.
  • Images, screenshots, or diagrams (2 or more): Include media, such as images or videos to enrich content.
  • A title that appeals to a human with a job: Example - Create beautiful articles for your developers
  • A page type assignment: Assign the appropriate page type in Page Settings > Page type.
  • "What it looks like" image: An image of what a visual element may look like when the customer properly follows directions
  • Author bar: A visual indicator of who wrote the article. Learn how to create an author bar.
  • Version indicator: A visual indicator of the version the article applies to. Learn how to create a version indicator.
  • A code or HTML example:
    <a href="http://help">This is how you add a hyperlink</a>


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