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Review Manager FAQs

List of Frequently Asked Questions About Review Manager

Q: How can I enable Review Manager on my site

Contact your Customer Success representative for a quote. 

Q: Who has access to Review Manager?  

All admins, authors, draft contributors, and editors (if assigned reviews with limited access) have access.  

Q: How does an Editor know they need to review an article

There are 4 ways for notifications: email, banner notification on page, review dashboard, and notifications panel. 

Q: How will the reviewer be notified when the requestor has submitted an article for review

The reviewer will receive a notification via email and in-product notification. 

Q: How will the requestor know if the reviewer has reviewed the article

The requestor will receive a notification via email and in-product notification. 

Q: Will the requestor receive a notification when the article has been published?  


Q: Does the Review Manager work with drafts


Q: Can I audit previous reviews

Yes, you can go back to previous reviews in the review history. 

Q: Is there a report on how long reviews are taking

No, not at this time. 

Q: Can a review notification be sent to someone who does not have a Expert account


Q: Can a reminder email be sent to users who haven’t taken action on a review assigned to them

No, not at this time. 

Q: Can a trigger be set to auto-publish upon approval?  


Q: Is Review Manager available in CRM integrations?

Not at this time.

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